Why Does Seattle Need The Land Conversation?

Seattle is a city comprised of numerous eclectic and historic neighborhoods, each with its own vibrant story. Within these neighborhoods, many home and land owners are unsure of what they truly have. Can my property be developed? Can I add another unit while preserving the existing home?  How does my property's zoning affect what I can, or cannot, do with it? 

Our primary goal with The Land Conversation is to connect property owners with options, and to provide Seattle's future with cutting edge care, design, and sustainable building practices. We work with land owners, investors, architects and builders in bringing the awesome to fruition.

Nick Ridgeway stands in front of what he feels is the best of the best of Seattle Urban growth. To the left stands a 1903 Craftsmen which has been restored and upgraded. To the right is a new BuiltGreen modern design created in the image of the neighborhood.